Horny College Blonde Gets A Good Pounding

January 13th, 2008 - Drunk Girl Sex

I think this horny college girl bites off a little more than she chew or rather suck in this college sex video. I think by the expressions on her face she was in need of a really good fucking and judging by the video that’s certainly what she got!


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Drunk Slut Gets Fucked In The Bathroom

January 12th, 2008 - Drunk College Sex

This hot blonde college slut is either really fucking drunk or super horny as she pulls a passing guy into a cubicle and drops to her knees. She wastes no time at all time sucking this lucky guys cock before pulling her panties aside, bending over the toilet and pushing his hard cock into her wet throbbing pussy.


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January 11th, 2008 - Drunk College Sex

This cute little college coed got a little more than she bargained for after falling asleep after a few too many beers. It’s not a very good idea to hit up a party, get absolutely shitfaced and then having stripped down to your bra and panties pass out – i mean c’mon.

These drunk college sluts are great, they always act like ‘Hey what the hell you doing grabbing my tits or fingering my pussy“, then after a few minutes they soon change their mind. Although in this case the drunk little slut doesn’t look too happy at all really.


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January 10th, 2008 - College Girl Sex

This blonde college slut sure knows how to fuck. Don’t be fooled by her innocent little smile in this pic – oh no, this is one campus whore that just loves a hard fucking!


After getting a little drunk at the party this firey young slut soon has her hand down the jeans of the lucky fucker sat next to her and before she’s swallowing back his thick cock like a true drunk college slut.


This drunk college slut really doesn’t hold back, demanding a good fucking, this blonde slut spreads her now soaking wet pussy and pulls the thick cock deep into her wet hole.


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Drunk College Girls Licking Pussy

January 9th, 2008 - Drunk College Girls

It’s really quite amazing just what a little bit of alcohol can do. Take these two college girls for example, these two best friends turn up at the college party dressed quite respectfully – smiling for the camera and generally having a fun time.


Fast forward a few keg stands later and POW as if by magic these two innocent college coeds are all rosey cheeked and eager to get their hands into each other’s panties – incredible.


But oh no it doesn’t stop there, as the camera continues to roll these drunken college sluts take turns eating and licking their now soaking wet pussy’s, with a devilish smile on their faces they continue to work eachother up into a crazy horny state.


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College Sex Foursome Fuck Video

January 8th, 2008 - College Sex Videos

I just fucking love how drunken sluts lose all their inhibitions after a bit of booze has passed their lips. I mean shit, I’d wager these college babes aren’t even hammered they just like to use it as an excuse to get their tight college pussys filled and fucked.


This video for example shows three college coeds licking and finger fucking each other’s soaking wet clams before taking it in turns filling their juicy twats with some rock hard fratboy cock. You can just tell by the slutty smiles on their faces that they’re loving every damn second of it too!


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Passed Out Drunk Teen Gets Woken Up With Cock

January 7th, 2008 - Drunk Sex Videos

After a few too many hits on the beer bong this cute drunk teen passes out in the dorm room. It’s not long before this drunken coed gets woken up by a horny frat boy willing to give her the best hangover cure possible!

The drunk babes little titties are soon exposed and you can see them tighten up as her drunk coed pussy is softly rubbed and stroked. It’s not long before this drunken slut opens her eyes and gets her tight college pussy fucked hard at the party!