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Drunk Blowjob Leads To Some Hard Fucking

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Boy can this horny coed smoke a pole or what! I guess she’s a little bored and offers to suck her friends cock right there in the room. Would you turn one down? Anyway after stripping down to her little panties this drunk college girl deepthroats and sucks likes there’s no tomorrow. As you can see from the video she really gets into it, her pussy is literally fucking dripping as she begs him to slide his thick cock inside here!


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Drunk College Whores Get Fucked By Some Party Cock

Friday, February 15th, 2008

These two drunk party sluts put on a nice little show at the college party. Joking around grabbing their tits and having a little kiss. Well it isn’t too long before the booze takes a grip and these horny college sluts are pulling at each others clothes.


Before too long they bring in some pissed up fratboy who’s more than happy to share his college cock with these drunk horny sluts.





Drunk College Slut Gets Spit Roasted While Her Friend Watches

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

This horny blonde slut takes too think cocks in each hole in this rough college sex video. The slutty college girl agrees to a hard spit roasting with these two college punks.


This drunk slut gets so wet she’s like a fucking greased pig as the two frat guys take turns stuffing her tight college twat.


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Drunk College Girl Gets Fucked With A Beer Bottle

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

I love drunken sluts that start making out with each other at parties, it’s possibly the greatest spectacle you can ever witness. But these drunk college girls take steps a little bit further…


These two drunk college girls get a little hot and horny with each other on the sofa. It isn’t long before they’ve peeled off each other’s little panties and their wet pussy’s are getting softly rubbed.


Well apprently that’s not enough to get these drunken sluts off, so picking up a discarded beer bottle they take turns fucking each other with it – hot stuff yes?




Drunk College Whores Spread Their Legs

Monday, January 28th, 2008

These two blonde college girls are some of the sluttiest college tramps I’ve seen in a long time. Just watch how the start spreading their legs and rubbing themselves off right in the middle of the college party.


Of course it isn’t long before these drunk sluts get the attention they so sluttily crave.


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Blonde College Slut Gets A Forced Threesome

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

This drunk blonde college girl certainly got a bit more cock than she bargained for in this college sex video. What she thought would be a quick blowjob soon turned into a hard fucking threesome.


As you can see from the pics this college slut doesn’t look all too happy with how things turned out.


Still that’ll teach her to get drunk at parties and offer out free blowjobs!


I’m loving the expression on her face as she’s slammed up against the wall and gets her pussy pounded from behind.


It’s not long before the dude’s friend wants in on the action and slides his cock into this sluts mouth as she’s on her back


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Drunk College Slut Gets A Good Hard Fucking

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

This drunken brunette gets taken out by the pool and fucked hard on a sun lounger. I love that this college slut is so fucking drunk she doesn’t even take off her party dress. All she wants is a good hard fuck and well that’s exactly what she gets!


This horny college babe knows all the angles, and gets her sweet college pussy fucked from all of them. Watch as she spreads her slim legs wide as she lays on her back.


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